Server Rack, Computer Equipment & Electronics Crating


Protecting Sensitive Electronics on Their Journey

Craters & Freighters Cleveland has comprehensive solutions for all of your electronics shipping needs. This includes high-tech equipment, sensitive electronics, lab testing, and IT assets. Whatever you have to ship, we can handle it. Items that are too big, too heavy, or too valuable for other providers are easy for us.

In fact, we specialize in the more challenging electronic crating and shipping projects. Some of the items we work with include:

  • Large equipment
  • Unique and specific IT pieces
  • Bulky and fragile electronics
  • Server racks
  • Valuable computers and their components
  • And more

We assess each item’s characteristics to choose the optimal packing and crating approach. Then we use advanced packaging technologies, including anti-static wraps, cushioning, and foams to prevent electrostatic discharge from harming the item’s components while in transit.

Our crating professionals are unmatched in the industry, utilizing a wide variety of resources, experience, and insight. We treat each electronic asset with care and delicacy and design the ultimate protection so that it can withstand the nature of the shipping stream. Whether your item travels by air, land, or sea, we’ll get it to its final destination safely.

Tech Equipment Handling Expertise

Items like server racks, computers, and telecom devices have to be packaged very carefully. Because of their breakable components, they are highly susceptible to damage. Some of the biggest names in technology trust us to pick up, pack, crate, ship, and deliver their heaviest, largest, most fragile, and highest-value assets. Our white-glove service always over-delivers and gives our customers peace of mind.

But we don’t only work with the big companies; Cleveland’s growing population of tech startups can depend on us for our thoughtful, meticulous attention to detail when it comes to the secure packaging and shipping of their IT items.

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Special Care for Computer Equipment

We know fragile components are at risk during shipping. That’s why we start by assessing each item you need to ship. We determine everything, from the kind of padding that will be required to dampen vibration to the proper specs for the item’s tailored container. We ensure your asset is secure and protected throughout its transport.

Across the country or around the world, you can be confident we use the best packaging technologies to prepare your valuables for safe shipment.

Domestic Crating and Shipping

Electronic manufacturers and vendors in the Cleveland area use Craters & Freighters for their domestic shipping needs because we have a reputation they can trust. With over 65 warehouses nationwide, you can count on thorough support and a streamlined process.

Our teams offer more than quality materials and services but also a wealth of knowledge, customer service that is unmatched in the industry, and logistics support that makes the most demanding jobs look easy.

Your assets are more than valuable; they’re relied upon. We promise to give everything we have to each individual item. Our crating and packaging specialists engineer schemes that are designed to take on the harshest elements and get your item where it needs to be as quickly and safely as we can.

Headed across town or across the nation, our Cleveland shippers will manage your project from start to finish.

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On-Site Crating for Your IT Equipment

With large, sensitive, heavy electronics comes an array of difficulties when it comes to moving them. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to get your assets to our facility for crating and shipping. We can come to your location and design and build a crate on-site.

Your item will receive the same level of quality and protection when its container is built at your location as it would at ours. The integrity of our design never falters, no matter where our engineers have to go to get the job done.


Export Crating for Your Electronics

The international shipment of sensitive, fragile, and technical devices is no small task. These valuable assets require a lot of attention, and our team gives just that. When you’re exporting electronics, utilizing the proper protection is critical. We’ve been doing this job for decades, and we know all about the proper protection.

Our team will ensure your item is packaged and crated to perfection, using quality materials and spec-driven technology that provides safe passage, whether by land, air, or sea. Every crate is built to meet all country codes and requirements for a quick, reliable entry process.

No time to deal with all the logistics that come with exporting your IT gear? Don’t worry; we have experts who know exactly what to do. Let us use our global network to carry out the logistical needs of your shipment, so you can stay focused on other tasks. Using our comprehensive shipping solutions, you can count on not lifting a finger.

Why Use Craters & Freighters for Your Electronic Shipment

Craters & Freighters is known as industry leaders worldwide. Our reputation stems from our plentiful services, teams that constantly strive for perfection, our personalized approach to each customer, and our attention to the most minor details regarding the most unique items.

Our Cleveland crating and shipping professionals are ready to find solutions to your challenging IT shipment, and we’ll do it with a can-do attitude that inspires your confidence. From pickup to logistics to engineering to transport, we will gladly manage your electronic valuables with a dedication not usually seen in the shipping industry.

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