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Heavy Equipment Crating and Shipping Services in Cleveland

Capitalizing on our decades of reliability, experience, and established services, Craters & Freighters Cleveland has everything it takes to expertly package, crate, and ship the bulkiest, most valuable, and largest pieces of heavy equipment, no matter their final destination.

Our shipping solutions consist of a professional, trusted global network with connections in over 150 countries and offers franchises in more than 65 domestic cities, making your shipping project as convenient and simplified as possible.

We provide crating, packaging, and logistic solutions for all sectors of the commercial and industrial markets and can successfully manage virtually any type of equipment. Cleveland is known for its aerospace, IT, and automotive industries, and we are happy to work with various companies that rely on us for their shipping solutions.

Let our custom crating and shipping specialists provide exceptional customer service and shipping techniques to any of the following assets:

  • Large industrial machinery
  • Large equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Unique and specific pieces
  • Electronics and server racks
  • Manufacturing and processing equipment
  • And more

If you need shipping services for an industrial auction, we are happy to help. The more demanding the project, the more we’re up for it.

The domestic crating and shipping, or international exporting, of your heavy machinery, just got more efficient. Contact us to learn more.

Solutions for Every Logistics Challenge

Weight and size limitations? We do not believe in them. Items that are too big, too heavy, or too valuable for others are no problem for us.

By partnering with our nationwide network of Craters & Freighters offices and warehouses, you get a massive team of support that serves to streamline your project and give you confidence that your assets are never out of reach.

Our customer support and logistics teams are dedicated to each unique job, and we work hard to smoothly and effectively manage and maintain your heavy equipment shipment every step of the way.

Purpose-Engineered Packaging and Crating

With in-house engineers that tailor packaging and crating to just about any item’s needs, we are a credible, dependable resource for large equipment and machinery packing, crating, and shipping. Using spec-driven programs and years of experience, we are able to provide our services at your location or at one of our 65+ nationwide locations.

Are you looking for rigging and other specialized equipment services? We are experts in that area as well.

Making educated decisions about the container style, the internal structures required, and the securement methods used will go a long way toward the successful shipment of any item.

International and Domestic Crating and Shipping Services

Craters & Freighters Cleveland will coordinate your domestic or international shipping project as your one-source solution for moving heavy equipment and machinery from Point A to Point B anywhere in the world.

Our customer support raises the bar, and our crating designers and engineers always provide high-quality protection for the most sensitive items. You can count on us to get your international shipment safely into its destination country; our tailored packaging schemes are built to withstand the harsh, relentless shipping stream.

The professionals at our Cleveland shipping company work with several local manufacturers that use a variety of our comprehensive shipping services for their heavy machinery shipments. No matter where the item is headed, we’re relied on for our skillset and knowledge.

Understanding the shipping stream is pivotal to a successful, damage-free arrival of goods, and we don’t disappoint.

Heavy Equipment Transportation For Your Industrial Industry

We’re privileged to be trusted by so many in the industrial fields for their shipping goals. Due to this trust, we’ve established the foundation that makes heavy equipment shipments run smoothly and successfully. If you need shipping for your large industrial equipment, we’d like to help.

Contact us to learn more about our crating and shipping services, which, in addition to heavy equipment, include:

On-Site Crating

If you’re having trouble getting your assets to our facility, we have everything necessary to design and build your item’s protectants at your location. On-site crating is a convenient solution for getting your oversized, sensitive, fragile, and bulky piece of equipment expertly packaged, crated, and shipped by our local shipping company.

We will never sacrifice quality or technique, using the same technology and materials to create the perfect container and supports for your item on-site that we use in our warehouse.

Are you in need of a container for your heavy machinery, but no need for shipping? No problem. We can build you a tailored crate and drop it off at your doorstep. Contact us to learn more.

Why Use Craters & Freighters for Your Heavy Equipment Crating and Shipping

Craters & Freighters is known worldwide and has a stellar reputation that we take very seriously. We use high-quality materials to create high-quality containers, and our shipping solutions are streamlined and comprehensive.

Our Cleveland-based shipping team is prepared to handle your heavy machinery shipping project. We put you first, creating a strategic plan and offering full-service customer support.

Read some of our testimonials, and then call us to see how we can best get your essential assets wherever they need to go, safely.

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