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Managing your packing and shipping needs in the Cleveland area no longer has to be the difficult process it once was. Because Craters & Freighters operates in Cleveland, you can count on us to manage all of your shipping activities so that you can spend your time working on other projects. Instead of offering few services and little support, Craters & Freighters has a wide variety of services to help you choose the best shipping options to meet your needs and get your goods where they need to go in a timely manner. We also offer world-class customer support; we'll have you choose the best packing and shipping options and even recommend delivery methods so that your goods arrive more quickly and without damage.

custom wood crates

Working with us is a positive experience

Working with us is a positive experience because we have extensive experience working with customers in many industries such as government, auctions, art and antiques, military, asset relocations, and reverse logistics. We know how to make the shipping process easier and more convenient for you so it doesn't become a burden. You can pack your items in basic containers like wooden and corrugated boxes and crates or choose more advanced packing options like custom shipping containers, MIL spec crates, and product-specific engineered packaging. We also have skids and pallets available to make your packing easier and more convenient.

Domestic shipping is available within the U.S. and we can deliver your goods using air or ground transportation. International shipping is available for goods being shipped outside of the United States. We will deliver your items via air or sea cargo and offer ISPM packaging to be sure your items are packed safely for their transport. Complete logistics solutions work well for companies with extensive shipping needs.

We will include pickup and on-site packing and help you to make the shipping process more convenient as much as we can.

If you need to work with a reliable shipping company that puts your needs first contact us at Cleveland@CratersAndFreighters.com or call us at (888) 272-8311 for more information.

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